Principia has been greenlit!

by sdac, September 15 2014, 14:30

We're happy to announce that Principia has been greenlit, meaning we now have the possibility to publish Principia on Steam. Steam is a huge marketplace and will be of great help to market Principia to a wider audience. Thanks for your support!

We still need your support though, check out the Indiegogo campaign below. We need your help to spread the word, please post about our campaign on your favorite internet forums, news sites, facebook, twitter, and whatever your can think of.
Principia on Indiegogo

Lastly, here's another video teasing even more melee weapons from the upcoming 1.5.1 update:

Melee Weapons - 1.5.1 teaser

by pajlada, September 8 2014, 11:26

Hello everyone!

I've been working on adding melee weapons to Principia and I thought I'd give you a sneak peak:

Let me know if you have any questions about the melee system :-)

Principia Beta 1.5 FREE to play on PC until Friday!

by pajlada, September 3 2014, 12:34


You can try the Beta version for free until Friday, just visit, register an account and download the game.

Please help us test the game, report any bugs or annoyances. Also, we're currently adding LOTS of content to the adventure mode, if you have any suggestions what you would like to find in the generated worlds, do not hesitate to send in a feature request.